• Jennie D. Avatar

    Cannot say enough good things about this dentist. She has her heart full in her work and truly stays on top of her game by staying cutting edge. She's passionate and the best kind of person I want taking care of my teeth.

    Jennie D. 3/09/2016
    Edna K. Avatar

    Best dentist ever - no contest! I have been to dentists in 3 countries and Sally and her team are top notch, the best ever. And always pain-free - and fun and interesting. I highly recommend River Station Family Dentistry.

    Edna K. 11/02/2016
  • Tina R. Avatar

    I've been going to Sally for many years, and she's been a really good dentist and very helpful. I think it is significant that when Dr. Herbert's office was on vacation, Sally was their "on call" dentist.
    She also helps her patients by recommending selected items like electric tooth brushes, and making available for purchase models that she recommends.
    Various of her...
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    Tina R. 9/22/2017
    RembrandtFilms Avatar

    I can't say enough about Dr. Sally Bishko. I had a tooth emergency on a Saturday (my temporary bridge broke), and was just visiting Montpelier. Dr. Bishko happened to be the doctor "on" for the dentist of my friend, and she agreed to see me that very afternoon! She started the process to create a new bridge and finished the process on Monday and truly... read more

    RembrandtFilms 7/12/2017
  • Helen H. Avatar

    Dr. Sally and her staff at River Station Family Dentistry are excellent. I always have the same hygienist when I go in (Christie) and I have a pretty good relationship with her. I like the familiarity of seeing the same people, it really helps me feel completely comfortable knowing that I am going to see the same people every time.

    Helen H. 8/10/2015